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Star Trek: Action Movie or Disaster Movie?

Spoilers for Star Trek! Into Darkness follow.

I have said up until now that Star Trek—Into Darkness is OK as an action film but is not really Star Trek or science fiction. It came to me today that the real issue is that Star Trek; Into Darkness is actually an example of a recent trend for disaster films masquerading as action films—the difference being that the protagonists fail to prevent the disaster, and treat merely surviving to snog in the wreckage as a success; patching up failing relationships while in danger is another disaster-movie trope.

It isn’t the only film lurching in to disaster territory recently, the problem being that great big explosions with thousands of bystanders killed off-screen are so much more spectacular than having the hero succeed in saving everyone. We can look forward to a lot of incompetent police procedurals in which ancestors are murdered, the descendant gets away scott free, and the last twenty minutes is them spending the ill-gotten inheritance on sexy party attendants in goldy coloured bikinis...
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