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New web site

There is a new home for Percy Street at a proper webcomic address: http://percystreet.net/

Technobabble follows (copy this in to your next Star Trek script):

It turns out that creating a new web site is getting easier and easier. This time around I bought the domain name from French registrar Gandi, who provide a domain name server with a choice of management UIs—easy, normal, and expert. I have Nginx running on my Linode virtual private server humming away somewhere in London, so adding another site was a matter of creating a user percystreet, adding my SSH key to its known_hosts so my upload script works, and editing the upload script to upload to the new account, and configuring Nginx to serve the enw files and redirect from the old addresses ot the new ones. Nginx configuration is sooooo much easier than Apache.

A little while ago I tweaked the CSS for the comics pages to eliminate as many distractions as possible from before or to the left of the comc itself—this reflects my annoyance with other sites (especially news sites and forums) that have layers and layers of navigation and ‘branding’ before you get to the bit that interests you. Hope you like it!

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