September 2nd, 2008


Percy Street, page 79

Not safe for work:
Some pages contain nudity


A bisexual comic-book soap opera

Current chapter: 5. ‘Continuation’

Latest page: 79

After a long delay, here is the next page in Percy Street. Alas! probably not enough of a revelation to be worth the wait. I have been having to give my attentions to things going on in real life, and my spare-time projects have ground to a halt as a result. To make matters worse, I am experimenting with a different approach to drawing the strip—I have switched from Corel Painter 8 to Lineform, a vector-graphics drawing program for the Mac. This is part of my plan to one day in the distant future to be able to draw a comic strip as vectors and present it in SVG. It also has better support for text than Painter (which required me to layer text boxes on top of text boxes should I want italic text).