August 2nd, 2005


Leckford-centric Caption 2005 report

Originally uploaded by sean azzopardi.
In typical fashion I did not get off my bottom and organize printing of Percy Street until too late to do a good job of it. As it was I was finishing off page 34 (to get the story to a point where I could say 'to be continued') the night before I took it off to be printed. I really needed another four pages of content in order to fill the zine out to 24 pages (and get the last page off of the back cover), but there was no time. An Dramatis Personae page would also have been nice; most of the characters address each other by name from time to time, but it would be more encouraging for new readers if there were some pictures of the cast up front. Maybe next year I will be super organized and get it right. (As if!)

Comics printed competently as ever by Oxprint. There were some problems caused by my having produced A5 originals for an A5 booklet: their machinery is so optimized for A4→A5 conversions that they had to blow up my pages first so the machine could reduce them again, and as a result, some pages are a little skewed. And, as luck would have it, the hasty paste-up for the front cover has a line showing where the text was stuck on to the picture. (I really must investigate getting a cheap-enough DTP package that can do the composition without scissors and glue.) The overall darkness of the comic is rather more striking on paper than on the screen; I need to use less tone in future!

I took my comics to the Caption site on the Friday evening, since my real-world persona was supposed to be helping out with setting up the site. Despite this, I only managed to be seller 'F' in the Infallible Caption Table System, five other people having got their comics set up on the table before me on the actual Satuday morning.

By the end of the festeto, thirteen issues had been sold to the Caption hordes. Not bad (I hope) considering the relatively small crowds and the fact my zine was nestled amongst much cooler stuff.